Saturday, October 4, 2008

Second Time Around

I'mmmmmm back!  And still trying to figure out how to add links and "stuff" to my blog.  I can see my learning curve is not as good as I think!  It's a windy, rainy day here in WA.  So I took this opportunity to "straighten out" my craft room.  My it's amazing what you find - and I found the third project from the September club.  My October club is coming up (too fast).  As soon as I get the samples made, I'll post them here and in my gallery.  Yep - I even started a Gallery on SCS with all of 5 cards posted.  We'll be doing 2 cards (halloween and maybe Christmas) and a 3D (maybe case those cute spiders-I forgot to write down the gal's name who designed them, but I'll have it before my club meets).  Now that I've got a spot to work in my craft room and my supplies put away (sort of), I can get them made.  And on that note, I'm signing off.  Type you soon!

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Stef H: said...

Hey Carolyn: Great blog. I'm new to this too (left a response to you on SCS). I'm putting you in my "Following BLog" list on MY blog. Your cards are absolutely beautiful and I definitely can learn from you. Check my blog out sometime.

Stef H
SCS: Glitterbabe